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You are hereHow to get started at Links Archers

How to get started at Links Archers

Why Archery?

Archery is a brilliant sport for young and old.  It is easy to get started, yet remains challenging for a lifetime.  It is one of the most inclusive sports: there are many disabled archers, and there are even blind archers!  There's really no reason why you can't get involved.

How to get started:

If you've not done archery before then you're going to need to take a beginner's course.  This lasts six weeks, and teaches you the basic principes of shootings and the necessities of safety.  Once you've completed that, you'll be invited to join as a full member.

Is there an age limit?

Under normal circumstances, we have a minimum age of ten years.  Children younger than this generally don't have the concentration to enjoy shooting, and rarely have the strength to draw a bow safely.

Is there a cost?

There is a small cost for the six week course: £44 for adults, and £22 for juniors.  

When and where do they run?

Generally, we aim to run our courses in October / November of each year, at Montrose Sports Centre, from 9 am on Saturday mornings.  Courses are generally oversubscribed, so we allocate places first-come first-served.  If you'd like to join the waiting list for our next course, please send us an email.

There are other beginners' courses available in the area, and you can take their courses and still join Links.  Mearns Archers at Mearns Academy, Lawrencekirk also run courses of their own.

What should I wear?

Just wear some comfortable clothing.  The courses are indoors, so you won't get cold or wet.  Wear long-sleeved tops (but tight-fitting sleeves, baggy sleeves get caught in the string), and you'll need shoes which enclose the toes.  Shoulder-length hair should be tied back.  

What equipment do I need?

We will provide everything you need.  Really, everything.  Please don't buy anything until after you've completed the course, because it's almost certain to be not what you need.  We'll advise you when the time comes.  Trust us on this one! 

I've done archery before.  Do I still need the beginners' course?

If you've shot reguarly in the past, then let us know when you contact us.  We'll invite you to come to an assessment session so we can understand your skills and experience.  

Please be aware, though, that you'll need proper experience!  If you've done a couple of come-and-tries, you've done an afternoon at Centre Parks, or you've got a toy bow with which you've shot the side of your garage: these don't count as experience. We'd still need to teach you to shoot properly.